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Our Culture Building workshop is designed for school professionals, student leadership teams, and after-school professionals. Project Gametime's 2-hour workshop is an interactive experience that will give you the tools to create a thriving culture and a positive learning/working environment. With our guidance, you'll learn to identify and develop critical culture elements that foster growth and connectivity in your organization. Sign up today, and we'll show you how to create a healthier and more positive work environment.


Our Hip Hop Classrooms Workshop is the perfect way to engage students and encourage them to work together. This workshop uses hip hop songwriting techniques to help students create their own rap song and learn about hip hop writing and performance techniques. It strengthens composition, encourages collaboration and aids in performance, while identifying strategies for cultural relevancy in the classroom. Bring our workshop to your school and see how we can help your students develop their artistic and social skills.


Transform your school community with our Restorative Practices Workshop. Our program provides hands-on training in repairing harm and restoring relationships, all while fostering a safe and connected environment. Our interactive role plays and activities are designed to empower both staff and students with the tools to build stronger connections and create a more inclusive school culture.

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